The Company

We are a sports agency representing elite baseball players. Our founder, Scott Boras, is the most powerful, widely-known individual agent in any sport, with over 30 years of experience. Our firm is the premier single-sport athlete representation firm in the world. We are a loyal team dedicated to being the best in the world at what we do: serving the athletes of baseball.

More about the company and its history can be found on the Wikipedia page for Scott Boras:

The Job

We are looking for a motivated, organized, and detail-oriented licensed attorney to expand the capabilities of our existing team of in-house lawyers. This is a unique opportunity to apply legal skills to the high stakes, high visibility world of Major League Baseball, defending the rights of individual workers against a management entity with $10+ billion in annual revenue.

This position plays a critical role in shaping the company’s response to issues that arise on a daily basis in the lives of our 200+ clients. Many, but not all of the issues are baseball-related. Our attorneys communicate in writing, in person, and on the phone with people throughout the company, most of whom are not lawyers. It is a team setting, focused on achieving the best result possible. Team members are expected to distill complex issues down to their essence, have experience with negotiating business deals and advocating on behalf of individuals, have more than a passing familiarity with the game of baseball, and an openness to a job that by its nature does not have an off switch.

This will be a hybrid role, blending litigation and transactional work, with litigation taking first priority.

The Team

Our legal department consists of four other attorneys, including our General Counsel. The company was founded by an attorney, and the legal department plays a central role in nearly all facets of the business by design. The work is diverse, so each day, each member of the legal team is doing something different than he/she did the day before. Some issues will be handled as a team, others individually. Our philosophy is to treat each situation as unique and bring the necessary legal skills to best solve the problem or accomplish the goal.

What You’ll Do All Day

You will find yourself fielding questions and managing all types of legal issues that arise, both internal to the corporation and for our clientele of 200+ elite athletes. Many issues flare up suddenly, require immediate attention, and fade away just as fast. Others are slow burns that take months or even years to resolve. Our clients are real people and it’s an unpredictable business. So the ability to handle an ad hoc daily workload while continuing to advance longer-term projects is key.

In general, the daily work will involve:

  • Oversight of various litigation matters and interaction with/supervision of outside counsel
  • Development and preparation of salary arbitration cases, theories, and materials
  • Participating in negotiations over Major League and minor league player contracts, endorsement agreements, and equipment contracts
  • Participating in internal corporate oversight and governance
  • Interacting with attorneys from the Players’ Association, who share our commitment to defending and enhancing player rights and benefits
  • Consulting with and advising company executives on strategies, tactics, and risks involved in novel situations as they arise
  • Communicate with personnel throughout the company regarding legal issues, answering questions and providing legal guidance

We Need to See

  • A license to practice law in California
  • An unblemished professional disciplinary record
  • The ability to be clever, creative, and tenacious when problem solving
  • The ability to effortlessly communicate and generate documents using modern computing platforms and tools, and adopt new tools as they arise
  • The ability to explain complex issues to non-lawyers via clear and concise written and verbal communication
  • The ability to work as a team player, including the adoption of best practices and preferred workflows

We’d Like to See

  • 3+ years of litigation experience in a law firm environment
  • Trial / oral advocacy experience
  • Experience with labor law matters, particularly in a labor-side firm, the NLRB, or a union
  • Fluency in one or more foreign languages, particularly “baseball languages” like Spanish, Japanese, and Korean
  • Familiarity with the “business of baseball” — free agency, arbitration, the draft, waivers, etc.
  • Understanding of baseball’s operational rules, including the Major League Rules and the Basic Agreement between MLB and the MLBPA
  • Familiarity with NCAA rules and their application to baseball players
  • Familiarity with baseball statistics, sabermetrics, and advances in baseball analytics
  • A team sports background at the collegiate level or higher, particularly pro / D-1 baseball or softball playing experience

Why the Boras Corporation is a Great Place to Work

  • Based in beautiful Newport Beach, CA, with personnel wherever baseball is played around the world
  • Headquarters modeled on a player clubhouse, including lunch service and 100+ flat screen TVs showing baseball 24x7
  • Salary and benefits meeting or exceeding those standard in the baseball industry
  • Stability and loyalty unmatched in baseball — a large percentage of our personnel can measure their tenure in decades
  • Corporate focus on investing in our personnel and providing the tools and resources needed to do world-class work
  • Apple Macintosh computers and iPhone/Android smartphones
  • Ownership that continually reinvests in the company
  • A supportive team-based environment with little to no office politics or egos getting in the way of the work. We hire quality people. Anyone else won’t last long
  • We are passionate about the work we do. We believe in our clients, believe in our mission, and apply talent and hard work towards being the best in the world